Northeastern Climbing

Competitive Team

The Northeastern Climbing Team

The Northeastern Climbing Team is Northeastern’s officially sanctioned club sports team for climbing at Northeastern.

We hold full tryouts in the Fall as well as limited tryouts in the Spring. We have a roster of 30 climbers (15 male, 15 female) and compete through USA Climbing’s Collegiate series. Each year, we compete at Collegiate Nationals where we have consistently scored as a top ten team.

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Recrational Club

The Northeastern Recreational Climbing club

Northeastern Recreational Climbing (NRC) is an inclusive student organization dedicated to the growth of the climbing community on campus at the recreational level. It is open to all students regardless of grade, gender, skill level, or experience.

The club meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Ruggles Station at 6:30pm, right near the pillar across from the Charlie Ticket station. We then take the T over to Rock Spot Climbing Gym to climb from 7pm onwards (feel free to bike there if you want!). NRC also hosts movie nights on campus once per month!

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