Northeastern Recreational Climbing


Q: Is the club meeting in person this semester (Spring 2022)?

A: Yes! The club is meeting in person this semester covid permitting. We will let you know if anything changes.

Q: Is it too late to join?

A: It’s never too late!

Q: Do I need to know anything about climbing to join?

A: Nope! Come along, and feel free to ask us anything (especially if this is your first time). We love getting new people psyched on climbing.

Q: Do I have to climb on every meeting day?

A: Technically, you don’t have to climb at all if you don’t feel like it (but where’s the fun in that?). Come to whatever days you can make and we’ll be glad to see you there!

Q: What about the technique/workout classes? Do I have to do those?

A: The weekly classes we offer are optional. However if you’re new to climbing, we highly recommend you use them to get a sense of good climbing technique, and we occasionally make brief club announcements at them as well.

Q: I can’t make Mondays or Wednesdays, but I want to climb. Should I still sign up?

A: Since a membership with us gets you the discount at Rock Spot, it can still be worth it to join. There’s no guarantee that you’ll see fellow NRC members climbing on alternative days, but don’t be afraid to ask in the Facebook group if anyone wants to take a trips on the days that you can make it, even if we aren’t meeting. You can climb whenever you want, really. When, and if it is worth it, is up to you.

Q: What’s the best way to receive updates about the club?

A: Requesting to join our email list is a surefire way to get all the most important and pertinent info about upcoming events and club affairs. However, our Facebook group and Slack are the hubs of NRC and general climbing info like local competitions or member outings.

Q: What’s this about movie nights?

Every month, we will be hosting some climbing movie at the on-campus AfterHours venue. In the past, we’ve done movies like Valley Uprising and Reel Rock. If you want to attend one of these nights, we’ll be sending out emails and putting up fliers with information when the next one is coming up. And yes, there will be food.

Q: Does the club ever climb outside?

A: As a club, we do not. However, some members occasionally take trips on weekends to nearby parks like Lincoln Woods, Farley Ledges, Rumney, Pawtuckaway, and others. If you want to get in on some of these outdoor trips, the safest bet is to join the Facebook group and Slack to watch for members posting invitations, as space is generally limited.

Q: What do I need to climb at Rock Spot?

A: All the gear that you would need can be rented, or you can bring your own. If you paid for gear rental, you have access to shoes, chalk, and a harness. Top-roping requires all three, whereas bouldering just needs the shoes and chalk. If you’ve never climbed there before, you also need to fill out their online waiver either prior to going or when you get there.

Q: What types of climbing does Rock Spot have?

A: Rock Spot is primarily a bouldering gym, meaning the majority of the gym has shorter climbs in which the climber is not roped in, and if you fall you land on thick padding. There is top-roping with both manual and auto belay as well, however not nearly as much.

Q: I’m a graduate student/part-time undergraduate student/College of Professional Studies student, can I still join?

A: Yup! You can become an associate member which gets you all the same benefits as a regular member.

Q: Do you offer any gear rentals?

A: Yep, The club is now offering gear rental! For more information, check out our Looking to Rent Gear? page.